Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions base further cooperation between the Natural or Legal entity and the Operator of System of Internet payments "WitsMoney". The public contract is signed after acceptance all Services and Rules set out below by the User provided by System of Internet payments "WitsMoney". According to these Terms, the Operator of System is obliged to provide Services to the Client who will agree with this Contract and will carry out all actions which are provided by it.

Basic terms and definitions

• Authorization - the process of verification and validation of personal data already in the database site. After authorization the User gets access to his private office.
• Contract — the agreement of two parties in the form of the Natural or Legal entity and the Operator of System of Internet payments "WitsMoney". The contract includes establishment, modification or termination of rights and obligations.
• Payment password — the additional password of your transactions used for carrying out with accounts of the user in WitsMoney and at fee on the sites of partners of system.
• System’s Site — http://www.WitsMoney.com/
• User of Payment system – the Natural or Legal entity registered in the System.
• Registration — providing the personal data for receiving access to additional resources and opportunities of the site.
• ID – unique identification number which is assigned to the User of System.
• the Purse — is an electronic medium of your money. Also the purse reflects stories of expenses and arrivals concerning which, the User has the right of requirements from the Operator.
• the Status of the User – the status which is given to the User and gives opportunity to carry out various operations within System.
• the Private office - the personal section of the User on the Site of System to get access to which it is only possible to get after authorization.
• Оператор – authorized person of system administrator.
• the Partner of System – the Person who signed the contract with Administration of System on cooperation in a certain sphere.
• the User — the natural or legal entity who signed the contract and accepted all Conditions on use of the payment system WitsMoney.

Subject of the Contract.

• This Contract bases contractual agreements between Administration of the System WitsMoney and the potential User of this payment System. Having agreed and having accepted all conditions of the site, the User gets access to all services of the information and technological exchange. The administration of "WitsMoney" reserves the right at any time to change these Terms and Conditions, to make amendments, and also to reduce, or to supplement them. Therefore, the User is recommended to watch new introductions to rules of consumption of System which will be published on the site regularly. The User undertakes to follow rules of System as it is provided by the present Contract.

Opening and maintaining the Personal Account

• to use all services of WitsMoney system, it is necessary to be registered on our website www .WitsMoney.com and to fill in personal data. In the course of registration and opening of the account you need to confirm Conditions of use of the site and its privacy policy.
• Any natural person who reached majority (18 years) can keep personal count and use the Electronic purse WitsMoney.
• the Natural or legal entity can open and use only one account.
• At registration in System, and also during opening of the account and after it, All identification requisites provided by you have to be exact and authentic.
• At inquiry of additional services, you need confirmation of a consent with additional conditions and rules.
• At any time you can close the account in WitsMoney system, for this purpose it is necessary to contact the administrator previously.
• Account replenishment, received, executed payments and removals of money in the step-by-step mode are displayed in your history of transactions, together with the withheld commission collecting. • the Third party who doesn`t possess the account in WitsMoney, has no right to dispose of monetary congestions which are on the account of the user.
• the Limit of storage of electronic money on the account of "WitsMoney" isn`t limited.
• the Electronic account in Payment System "WitsMoney" isn`t the bank account.
• In relation to your account of "WitsMoney" limits in connection with replenishment, payment, removal, crediting, storage of electronic money can be applied. That, will depend in turn on legal resolutions in this sphere, in the country of your continuous accommodation, and verification of the status of your account of "WitsMoney", and also on other factors which can be used by us at any time, at our own discretion.
• you have the right of removal of money from the account in any time, convenient for you. Thus, on your account of "WitsMoney" there have to be enough means to pay commission charge for this operation.

Rights and obligations of the Parties

Under the terms of this Contract, the User has the right • to have access to all materials and services of service, except for possible additional paid services.
• to demand the Operator performance of its duties, under the terms of the present Contract.
• to make Payments and other monetary operations, under the terms, provided by System.

Under the terms of the present Contract, the Company has the right

• to Change Instructions for use having published changes on the Internet to the page which will come into force immediately if other date isn`t specified.
• to stop performance of the assumed obligations for the present Contract, in case of not execution, or not full performance of Contract of System from the User.
• to demand from the User exact, confirming the personality information, and in case of need, to suspend rendering services at identification of the provided personal information.
• the Administration leaves the right to suspend any kind of operation for unlimited term, until clarification of the reason of the problem and acceptance of a final decision. For the underwritten reasons:
• Emergence of doubts in Administration, regarding violation of the Agreement of the contract from the User.
• Receipt of complaints from the third parties, or Users about infringement of their rights and interests from the User.
• Violation by the User of Rules and Terms of agreement of the Contract.

Obligations of the User of System

• Note complete and accurate information about yourself during the registration and use of the system in the future. In the case of the amendment of personal information, pre-notify the System Operator in writing not later than fifteen (15) days before date of introduction of amendments.
• Execution of responsibility for confidentiality and nondisclosure of personal requisites (identification number of an electronic purse, the password of access, control codes, etc.) which the User receives from System and its Services.
• not to disclose and not to transfer right of access to system to the third parties. The user is obliged to use System independently.
• to follow Rules and Conditions of use of the Systems installed by Administration.
• to bear responsibility for loss of money from the electronic purse and for other cases taking place in a trace with inexpedient action of the Client which led to these consequences if the fault of the Operator in this case is absent.
• the User has the right to use only the license equipment, or the software during the work with System, in other case the Administration doesn`t bear any responsibility for the unforeseen problems concerning to any losses, or loss of any benefit.
• not to carry out by means of payment Service of any sort of purchase of illegal goods, the illegal monetary operations and other violations provided by the legislation.
• to keep confidentiality of personal information, for the purpose of prevention of unauthorized access from the third parties.

Obligations of the Company

• to provide continuous functioning of Services and Services of System.
• to execute all orders of the User of System based on the Contract.
• to provide exchange of information between the Participant, the Operator and Users, provided by the Contract.
• to assist the User in clarification of controversial issues, and also in providing information concerning technology of System, time of carrying out Operation and responsible persons and their identification.
• at mistakenly executed payment, at the request of the User, the Company undertakes to compensate an amount of payment, including fees and recovered during the operation.
• to prevent attempts of illegal trade and financial operations, and also legalization (laundering) of income gained in the illegal way.
• to keep confidentiality of personal data of Users of WitsMoney system and never to disclose them to the third parties. Information can be provided to government bodies only in case of providing the official inquiries issued according to the legislation.

The forbidden transactions

• the prohibitions which are imposed on implementation of payments for sale or delivery below the transferred goods and services:
• The medicines provided according to the recipe;
• Psychoactive agents which turn is forbidden under the law, and the related accessories
• Firearms and ammunition;
• Cold weapon and other types of weapon;
• State identity cards, including copies and production of souvenir type;
• Unlicensed lotteries or services in gambling’s;
• Schemes of multilevel network marketing, pyramids on sales or financial pyramids or others so-called "high-yield investment program" (HYIP);
• The goods or services violating intellectual property rights of the third parties.
• use of WitsMoney for any illegal purposes, including for fraud and money laundering is strictly forbidden. The company will report in corresponding law enforcement agencies about any similar suspicious activity.
• at violation of the prohibitions and performance, or attempt of performance from any above-stated actions, the Administration reserves the right to take the following actions:
• to cancel operation on transfer of money; and (or)
• to close or suspend all transactions on your electronic account; and (or)
• to report about transaction in the appropriate law enforcement agencies; and (or)
• to demand from the User of compensation of damage


• the sizes of tariffs, conditions and the moment of their payment by the User are specified on the Site of Payment system.
• Payment of a tariff by the User is carried out by deduction of the corresponding amount by the Operator of Payment system in the order described on the site of System.

Solution of disputes and claims

• Complaints and claims by the User will be reviewed on the basis of the Contract, after notification in the form of the e-mail of the Operator of System sent to the e-mail address.
Obligation of the party which received a claim to consider and resolve a question within 7 (seven) days from the moment of adoption of the complaint and to meet all imposed requirements of the User, or to send to the party which stated the complaint, reasonable refusal. In case of not permission of controversial issues in the period a pre-judicial order within 90 (ninety) days from the moment of receiving by one of the parties of a claim, both Parties have the right to appeal to court, for the further solution of dispute.


• the User is obliged to keep confidentiality of the login, the password and payment password from unauthorized access from the third parties.
• the Operator of System is obliged to keep personal information on the User which it provides at the time of registration on the site and opening of the electronic account, except for materials which are a secret;
• the public;
• opened on demand, or to permission of the User;
• subject to granting System to contractors of the Operator in the volume necessary for performance of the Contract;
• subject to disclosure for the reasons the provided legislation, or at receipt of the corresponding inquiries of the credit organizations, court or authorized government bodies;
• in other cases provided by terms of the Contract.

Order of change and cancellation of the Contract

• WitsMoneye has the right to change the Terms of Use by publishing the changes on its web page. Changes come into force from the moment of publication if at their publication other term isn`t specified.
• the User has the right to terminate the Contract provided that the amount of the rest of electronic money, also credit obligations before the companies is equal to zero.
• the Operator of System is capable to terminate the Contract having sent to the User the corresponding notice at any time.
• after modification of the Contract and further use of System by the User, it is unambiguously perceived by both Parties as a consent with the introduced amendments.
• the Notice of cancellation of the Contract has to be sent by the User the corresponding letter to the e-mail address of Administration of System.
• In other case if you have any problems about the Wits money system, please contact to the support center at E-mail support@witsmoney

Other terms and conditions

• the User gives a guarantee that accepts all contract terms and conditions provided by the system without reservations and in full.
• All actions made by the User on the Site of Payment System is established on the West European time (to UTC + 0).
• in the case of any violations of the Terms of the Offer, in the future does not deprive the administration of rights to protect their interests, as in the case of further such violations or similar does not mean a denial of service on their rights.
• the Parties recognize the present Contract equivalent to validity to the contract signed in writing. Tariffs of the provided services are established by SERVICE independently and can change at any time without notice the client. Pending may be held under the new rules, agreements, tariffs and conditions.