What is WitsMoney ?

WitsMoney is payment system, which is primarily intended for making fast payments related to payment for goods and services on Internet

Is WitsMoney account a bank account ?

WitsMoney account is not a bank account. This is the electronic equivalent of paper money online with the corresponding value.

How to make/get a wallet ?

To register in WitsMoney system, you need to:
• Go to www.witsmoney.com an use link "регистрация",:
• Fill in the required fields in the form;
• Read the Public offer agreement;
• Press "Register";
After successful registration, the system will prompt you to activate wallet: tou will be sent a notification to your e-mail with a link to confirm your registration and activate your wallet. At this, the registration will be considered completed.
For further use of the System with user status, you will have to enter your e-mail and password on the Systems Website.

Who can use WitsMoney system ?

Any individual that has attained 18 or legal entity can use WitsMoney e-wallet.

What is the rating of the system member ?

Rating of WitsMoney member is formed in accordance with 5 criteria: duration of participation in the system, amount of deposits and transfers, loans provided and feedback from other participants in the system. The higher the rating of the member - the greater is the degree of confidence it has among lenders and borrowers, and the more opportunities he has at carrying out financial transactions.