• Fast setting of payment acceptance
    Start using Merchant WitsMoney is very simple!
    Sign up and configure the button to accept payments on your website.
  • Sell on credit

    This is guaranteed to increase sales,
    Use credit to sell your goods and services

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    WitsMoney allows you to work online, ensuring high speed
    and convenience of accepting payments in 26 world currencies.
    Accept payments on the Internet

Whom is WitsMoney for?

Working online? Using e-currency? Then WitsMoney is for you! Convenient payment system that fits all - from a freelancer to business tycoon, from the simple bakery to the prestigious firm, from kindergarten to large organization. WitsMoney is fast and safe system for running a small business, as well as any currency transactions.

Open your e-wallet in 1 minute

Multicurrency payments

Possibility to use more than 26 world currencies in one account

50 -ზე მეტი გადახდის მეთოდი

თქვენი მომხმარებლები შეძლებენ გადაიხადონ ნებისმიერი მათგანით

Easy Merchant setting

Merchant - Set, configure, accept payments. All of this takes less than 5 minutes.

Zero interest

Do not get used to paying for everything. 0% - fee when receiving payment for goods.


Do not worry. Your money is protected.